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                For A Lasting Impression

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Power Lunch!  An Etiquette Workshop For Professionals

Professional polish can make or break the image your company presents.  Are your company representatives trained to make a lasting, positive impression?  Can they concentrate on the "art of the deal," or are they thinking about which fork to use?

We can help put the polish on your Senior Management or Sales Executives, giving them the social skills to represent you better.

We invite you to invest in a 90-minute Dining Etiquette Workshop that coaches your senior management and trains your sales force in the social skills they need for success, empowering them to focus on your clients' needs rather than their own.  This power lunch will train your sales force in the basic skills that could effect your bottom line.

        What does all that silverware mean?
        Which bread plate is mine?
        What is my handshake saying about me?

This workshop will allow your team to host a business lunch or dinner with greater confidence and poise.

Attendees will learn:

  • The ABC's of table manners
  • Which is your bread and butter plate
  • Handling your silverware and napkin
  • Conversation tips
  • How to be a good guest

Who should attend:

  • Professionals for whom networking is a critical part of their business building opportunities
  • The sales force closing million dollar deals over lunch or dinners
  • Executives needing the extra edge
  • Small business owners needing to entertain clients
  • Those who want to feel comfortable in social and dining situations

For pricing information and to schedule your workshop, please call (562) 419-3895

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